21 de Noviembre 2006

Life Aquatic de Wes Anderson

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genial película. genial bso. genial reparto.
cate blanchet mujer etérea..

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Mabuli 24 minutes, beijing guest field is gotten the better of 81
The tiger attacks sports coverage, beijing time on January 2, 2012-2013CBA league matches the 17th round spread out new one wheel pair definitely, 81 teams are returned advocate meet Beijing team head-on. The match tonight wants Beijing group victory only 81 teams, can take the second line of a couplet easily to surpass half Cheng champion. This battle, wang Zhi mosts the central point that contrapuntal Morris makes the match pay close attention to. Final, because 81 teams error is overmuch, make a way at the same time too simplification, settle a battle besides 3 minutes, the attack a measure and regrets play away with do not search to go out better advocate the battle of field. Final score 99-103, 81 teams not enemy Beijing team, experience is awkward 4 be defeated repeatedly. Two groups leave section error more, successive a few bouts just are received by Xu Zhonghao clever pass, michael jordan shoes the sneak attack below basket is procurable. And Beijing team did not develop a good form, their error again and again, feel also not beautiful. Watch 81 teams instead, wang Lei is behaved very grab an eye, his exterior line, backboard, break off buckle all biting, guide 81 teams to call a small climax. 81 teams use the dominant position of own height again and again, hit into in planted agent, especially after field of Wang Zhi Zhi Shang, more in planted agent take from me as sb please-make unlimited demands. Last hour, mabuli casts middling pressure chirp self-confidently 3 minutes to narrow score difference poor. The first ends, 81 teams precede with 22-21 Beijing team. The 2nd match, beijing team changes Molisijia the offensive of powerful planted agent, the effect as expected outstanding, especially Morris not only below basket bold and powerful, exterior line 3 minutes also none give the impression of weakness, below his successive onslaught, refuse to budge of two teams score does not fall. 81 here aggression relies on exterior line shoot a basket too much, but exterior line does not give power from beginning to end, forge iron sound is ceaseless. Beijing team criterion inside and outside blossoms, of auspicious Zhe jump cast and the score of lieutenant general of 3 minutes of lives of Wang Xiao brightness exceeds instead. 81 teams are in the error of this section is too much, the fault attacks good chance for many times too, at the same time backboard also protects not do one's best, battle of half of a game or contest stops, 81 teams lag behind with 48-52 Beijing team. Yi Bian again battle, singles makes Morris Zhong Hao is procurable, xu Zhonghao is unwilling give the impression of weakness, also be to write down the take by storm below basket to strick back later. Beijing team falls in the constituent series connection of double foreign aids, hit more give prize more, zhu Yan the concussion with the ceaseless breakthrough of brave brightness wears cent and the 3 king on the west the line of defence of 81 teams, score difference also is pulled arrive 7 minutes greatly. The hits a law to be immersed in simplification again level of 81 teams, wang Zhongguang and Han large are to receive a ball to cast 3 minutes, but feel resurgence, cannot drop the ball basket basket as before. 81 teams this section looks closely in Beijing team prevent below, exterior line is out of order, fortunately this section end paragraph, what change the Zhang Bo that enter the court newly to hit is unusually active, mix 3 minutes his dash forward 81 teams brought deal out vigor, help 81 teams break notch barren. Wang Lei presses chirp 3 minutes to hit the target, the 3rd ends, team of backward Beijing of 81 teams 75-82. The 4th crucial, han Shuo comes up is an error, fortunately 3 minutes of tactics did not make Beijing group into, han Shuo make amends for one's fault by good deeds half basket hits the target. 81 teams an error unfinished, a string of 1 again planted agent error, beijing team is grabbed so that backboard hits into, cent difference is pulled arrive 10 minutes greatly. Mabuli is in next the match take-overed completely in time, his breakthrough simply nobody can be prevented, at the same time 3 minutes of his enough also self-confidence, in the old horse strong guide below, beijing team was held completely on field active, 81 teams are forced to pause. Suspend the 81 lines after coming back, follow with Wang Zhongguang prevent an old horse, the Wang Zhongguang after entering the court not disgrace mission, of 81 teams defend went up just as one would expect a class, smooth in king stick prevent below, grow in quantity of Beijing team error, do not cross 81 lines defend strike back do not give power. Was defeated regretfully finally to defend crown champion. Score decides case to be in 99-103, 81 teams advocate not enemy Wei Mian champion. 81 teams head hair: Team of Beijing of of Mo Ke, Xu Zhonghao, Wang Lei, Liu Shunan, Han Shuo head hair: Zhe of Mabuli, auspicious, Zhu Yan on the west, Di Xiaochuan, Li Gen

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